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Integrated Water Systems

Researchers at the Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste at the Harry Butler Institute focus their efforts on projects that catalyse and facilitate growth in industries integrating water systems with energy and waste.

Barbara Kachigunda

Barbara Kachingunda collaborates with colleagues at the Harry Butler Institute on statistical and methodological topics. Her work as a research officer includes auditing biosecurity research efforts, implementing statistically sound study design, and completing...

Catchments to Coast

Our members are leaders in the field of freshwater, estuarine and coastal aquatic system research. Our researchers specialise in estuarine health, threatened fishes, impact of introduced species, climate change and habitat condition. Our research spans the entire Western Australian state, from the rivers and macrotidal areas of the remote Kimberley, to the arid rivers and mangrove systems of the Pilbara and the world’s largest fringing reef at Ningaloo, to the spectacular stream, lakes, estuaries and islands of the south-west.

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