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Subtopic 1

Often, topics broad enough to merit a page will have several posts written about them. This section is built to house a blog and a summary of what is in the blog, such as:

  • research within a centre
  • employee bios
  • a news feed
  • publication summaries

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Professor Alan Lymbery, Director of CSAE

Professor Alan Lymbery is the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems. His research bridges parasitology, evolutionary biology, and genetics to bring findings relevant to biodiversity conservation, with a particular regional focus on local Western Australian species. Prof Lymbery’s recent projects include describing the ecosystem services provided by freshwater mussels and investigating treatment and control options for parasites and bacteria affecting yellowtail kingfish. He is particularly interested in how climate change will affect fish behaviour, and therefore the transmission of disease.

New Technology and Systems

This program highlights world-class innovations in energy, water, and waste technologies such as solar powered water desalinisation and integrated technologies that recover energy from waste.

Dr Grey Coupland

Biography Dr. Coupland is a marine ecologist currently working in the field of biosecurity. Her main research interests are in the marine and coastal ecology and plant-animal interactions. She also has a passion for urban sustainability, ecological restoration and...

Subtopic 2

This section has been designed to host a photo or video gallery and some text giving it context. Pitch your topic here! What would make people want to scroll through your gallery? What does your gallery highlight? What should a person take away from scrolling through the gallery? In total, this text should amount to four to six sentences and two to three lines on a standard desktop screen.

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