The Centre for Water Energy and Waste conducts and supports research to improve the generation, storage, and transport of energy from micro- to mega-scales. This broad focus encompasses studies in the fields of electrical engineering, renewable energy engineering, and energy studies. Bridging the gap between academics, government regulators, and industry leaders through translational projects and outreach efforts enables the CWEW to solve local and regional problems and shape future innovation in this sector.

From Regional Power Plants to Rooftop Solar

The majority of research within this theme centres around the production and distribution of electricity from household to regional entities. Renewable energy represents the future of electricity production and of research at the CWEW. With the rise of solar, wind, and other scalable renewable energy technologies comes an increased demand on and for batteries. Therefore, the CWEW also invests heavily in technology for improving batteries themselves as well as the systems that produce and recycle them.

Energy Efficiency and Management

Existing systems for the delivery and management of power will need to be re-evaluated and updated to incorporate renewables an to meet the needs of an energy-conscious public. The Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste at the Harry Butler Institute provides consultations and collaborates with those aiming to improve energy policy. A world-class team of researchers brings their expertise to energy efficiency assessments and the development of energy management plans.

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