The Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste is proud to be lead by Dr John Ruprecht. As Centre Director, Dr Ruprecht brings decades of high-level leadership experience from both private industry and regulatory bodies. His recent positions have included over three years as Executive Director of Irrigated Agriculture and then Business Development at the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development of Western Australia, four years as Director of Water Resource management at the Department of Water of Western Australia, and more than a year as Director of his own company Western Land & Water Consulting. It’s with his deep background and connections in Western Australia that the Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste is building on a sound scientific basis and a firm practical mission.

Dr Ruprecht’s involvement in water resources in Western Australia began with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and a Master of Engineering Studies, specifically focussed on Hydrology and Water Resource Science, from the University of Western Australia. John then spent several years as an engineer and manager improving dams, flood management, and hydropower before completing a PhD at Murdoch University, again in Hydrology and Water Resource Science.

For more information on Dr John Ruprecht, check out his LinkedIn and ResearchGate profiles. Dr Ruprecht and the Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste are open to new opportunities for collaboration on projects of all sizes. Please reach out below to start a dialogue.

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