Professor Parisa Arabzadeh Bahri is an instructor, leader, and innovator at Murdoch University and the Harry Butler Institute’s Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste. Her research focusses on industrial modelling and control, a variety of aspects of industrial process design, as well as supply chain management. She brings this depth of knowledge to Centre leadership and to her collaborative research efforts within the CWEW.

Prof Bahri’s accelerated career started with a Bachelors and Masters degree from Amirkabir University, Iran in Chemical Engineering. From there she completed a PhD on operability analysis in chemical manufacturing plants at Sydney University, Australia, where she also completed post-doctoral work and began her academic career as a lecturer. In 1997, she moved to Murdoch University where she progressed from lecturer to full professor in less than 10 years.

Her professional memberships and associations include status as a Fellow of Engineers Australia, presiding as Western Australia’s representative to National Committee on Automation, Control and Instrumentation, and membership in Engineers Australia’s  Centre for Engineering Leadership and Management (WA Chapter). She also currently supervises seven post-graduate students and continues eight years on the Professorial Promotion Committee at Murdoch University

Recent Publications


  • Moradi, F., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., (2011),An Integrated Framework for Safety Evaluation and Process Design,Lambert Academic Publishing.


  • de Boer, K., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., (2017),Economic and Energy Analysis of Large-Scale Microalgae Production for Biofuels,In: Biomass and Biofuels from Microalgae: Advances in Engineering and Biology, Springer, pages 347 to 365.
  • Chaudry, S., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Moheimani, N., (2017),Potential of Milking of Microalgae Grown on Biofilm Photobioreactor for Renewable Hydrocarbon Production,In: 27th European symposium on computer-aided process engineering, Elsevier B.V., pages 2497 to 2502.
  • Vakilifard, N., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Anda, M., Ho, G., (2017),Water security and clean energy, co-benefits of an integrated water and energy management,In: 27th European symposium on computer-aided process engineering, Elsevier B.V., pages 1363 to 1368.
  • Mokhtar, S., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Moayer, S., James, A., (2017),A Novel Decision-Making Approach for Supplier Selection under Risks,In: 27th European symposium on computer-aided process engineering, Elsevier B.V., pages 1267 to 1272.
  • Darvehei, P., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Moheimani, N., (2017),A model for the effect of light on the growth ofmicroalgae in outdoor condition,In: Computer_Aided Chemical Engineering, Elsevier B V, pages 2737 to 3742.
  • Rupf, G., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., de Boer, K., McHenry, M., (2016),Development of a model for identifying the optimal biogas system design in Sub-Saharan Africa,In: 26th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, Elsevier B.V., pages 1533 to 1538.
  • Moghaddam, M., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., (2014),Development of a Novel Approach for Electricity Forecasting,In: IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies, Springer, pages 635 to 649.
  • Sadrieh, A., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., (2011),Application of Graphic Processing Unit in Model Predictive Control,In: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, pages 492 to 496.
  • Hurst, J., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Nooraii, A., (2011),Online estimation of crystal size distribution (CSD) within industrial gibbsite precipitation plants,In: 21 European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, Elsevier, pages 1638 to 1642.


  • Mokhtar, S., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Moayer, S., James, A., (2019), Supplier portfolio selection based on the monitoring of supply risk indicators, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 97, 101955, pages -.
  • Ishika, T., Laird, D., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Moheimani, N., (2019), Co-cultivation and stepwise cultivation of Chaetoceros muelleri and Amphora sp. for fucoxanthin production under gradual salinity increase, Journal of Applied Phycology, , , pages 3 – 12.
  • Mehta, P., Jackson, B., Nwoba, E., Vadiveloo, A., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Mathur, A., Moheimani, N., (2019), Continuous non-destructive hydrocarbon extraction from Botryococcus braunii BOT-22, Algal Research: biology, biomass and biofuels, 41, , pages 1 – 8.
  • Vakilifard, N., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Anda, M., Ho, G., (2019), An interactive planning model for sustainableurban water and energy supply, Applied Energy, 235, , pages 332 – 345.
  • Santika, I., Anisuzzaman, M., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Shafiullah, G., Rupf, G., Urmee, T., (2019), From goals to joules: A quantitative approach of interlinkages between energy and the Sustainable Development Goals, Energy Research & Social Science, 50, , pages 201 – 214.
  • Jackson, B., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Moheimani, N., (2019), Repetitive extraction of botryococcene from Botryococcus braunii: A study of the effects of different solvents and operating conditions, Journal of Applied Phycology, , , pages -.
  • Chaudry, S., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Moheimani, N., (2019), Life cycle analysis of milking of microalgae for renewable hydrocarbon production, Computers & Chemical Engineering: an international journal of computer applications in chemical engineering, 121, February 2019, pages 510 – 522.
  • Ishika, T., Moheimani, N., Laird, D., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., (2019), Stepwise culture approach optimizes the biomass productivity of microalgae cultivated using an incremental salinity increase strategy., Biomass & Bioenergy, 127, Aug 2019, pages 1 – 8.
  • Simsek, Y., Lorca, A., Urmee, T., Arabzadeh Bahri, P., Escobar, R., (2019), Review and assessment of energy policy developments in Chile, Energy Policy, 127, , pages 87 – 101.
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