About Us

Our Mission

Business and biodiversity can co-exist. In fact, they have to. Our research aims to illuminate the connections between industry and the natural environment.  As biologists, ecologists, and conservationists we are proud to follow in the foot-steps of Harry Butler.




All our efforts, from research to implementation, need to serve the community.



Collaboration with the business and industry reaps benefits far beyond what we could achieve alone.


Biodiversity is our most precious resource, and the source of all others. Protecting it is core to all our activities.

Progress through projects

Practical application is the primary goal of our work at HBI.  We keep ourselves rooted in the needs of industry and the greater public through projects that centre them.  Recent work has included developing the capacity for real-time monitoring of iconic and endangered Australian species,  investigating the biosecurity context of cruiseship tourism, and securing a future for endemic species through next-generation inspection techniques.

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