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Sustainability and biodiversity through scientific excellence.

The Research Centre for Climate Impacted Terrestrial Ecosystems captures the research of 20 academic staff and over 100 current Masters and Doctoral students at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. Through partnerships with governments, industry, conservation organisations, community outreach, and public engagement initiatives, we are helping to shape a sustainable future for our planet. Our mission is to:

Research Focus

Our research strengths — in wildlife, plants and processes — are applied to ecosystems influenced by urbanisation, extraction industries, and primary production. Underpinning this research are our cross-cutting research themes, strong education linkage, and substantial industry and community engagement.  These themes have direct application for community and industry and provide solid scientific foundation to support conservation decisions. 

Urban Wildlife and Ecosystems

Across the globe, humans have built cities in the most biodiverse rich landscapes. Cities occupy the prime real estate: the best soils located near water resources, often where the most prolific vegetation was present. These also happen to be the most biodiverse parts of the Earth.

Murdoch ecologists and social scientists, under the Centre for Climate Impacted Ecosystems at the Harry Butler Institute, work together to understand the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services in our cities. Research within this theme aims to identify urban design that nurtures a biodiverse and liveable city.

Recent Projects

Western Australians are custodians of one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth. Harry Butler Institute researchers at the Centre for Climate Impacted Terrestrial Ecosystems play a central role in its conservation. Our work is central to Goal 15 of the United Nations’ Goals to Transform Our World: ‘to sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss’.  Many of our recent projects have helped Western Australia along towards this goal, such as those featured below.  Browse through our gallery of research briefs to learn more about how our Centre collaborates within academia and with leaders in the field.

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The Centre for Climate Impacted Terrestrial Ecosystems is actively seeking new projects, collaborators, and students.  Please reach out in the form below and we’ll quickly connect you with the right person or research group.

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