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People live, work and play near the water. Our efforts address the challenges posed by supporting the many human uses of aquatic ecosystems while also maintaining ecosystem health and biodiversity.

The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems works to ensure healthy and productive freshwater, estuarine, and marine ecosystems that continue to support communities across Australia and the Indo-Pacific. We take an integrative socio-ecological approach, with our research focused on sustainable resource use, social and economic benefits and ecosystem health and biodiversity.

Uniquely situated on the rim of the Indian Ocean, the Centre is built on our expertise in aquatic biology and ecology, marine mammal ecology, fisheries, aquaculture, algal biotechnology, oceanography, human-use and habitat assessments, bioinformatics, economics, and spatial sciences. Our investigations span all levels of biological organisation: from the genome to the ecosystem and from inland lakes to beyond the continental shelf.

Research Focus

Current research efforts focus within four primary areas targeted to maximise societal benefit and utilise the specialities within our team. Projects within these areas include:

  • investigations of the relationship between infectious disease and life history in fishes,
  • partnering with aquaculture to develop feed that boosts immunity in farmed stocks,
  • and a comprehensive oceanographic survey of the Indian Ocean.

Explore our blog to learn more about these areas of research at the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic ecosystems and other projects current and upcoming.

Marine Flagships

Our researchers investigate many aspects of the ecology and behaviour of those iconic marine species that are synonymous with Western Australia’s expansive coastline. Be it Ningaloo’s whales, whale sharks or manta rays, or even the dolphins of Shark Bay or the newly discovered sunfish, there are many opportunities to consider.

Fisheries Research

Our group has assisted in providing biological data for species management, particularly those within marine, estuarine and freshwater fisheries and aquaculture. This research began in the 1970s and we continue to examine those species important to commercial, recreational or artisanal fisheries.

Sustainable Aquaculture

Western Australia’s pristine environments produce some of the highest quality cultured species. With the global demand for aquacultured fish, molluscs and crustaceans increasing annually, our research is helping to ensure the quality and health of the products are second to none.

Outreach and Public Engagement

We believe that the impact of research can be greatly increased through collaboration and engagement with not only with decision makers, but also with stakeholders and everyday people who want to better understand the world they live in. This belief has spawned numerous videos, brochures, and other media representations of our work at the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems.

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