Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste


Our Mission

The Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste aims to achieve positive local & regional impacts from translational research and collaboration.
Alongside the greater team of researchers at the Harry Butler Institute, the minds at the CWEW address some of the most pressing issues in our day-to-day lives.  Their work focuses on sustainable delivery of water and energy in concert with waste management.  As an emerging world leader in this sphere of research, capacity building, knowledge sharing, and technology, the Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste at HBI uses its broad expertise to support sustainable outcomes throughout Australia and Southeast Asia.

Uniquely Sustainable

No one does sustainability like us. The Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste operates on the understanding that these three systems are intrinsically integrated at nexus.  By strengthening this nexus, we can both reduce loss and harm to the environment and increase efficiency overall.  Harry Butler Insititute’s Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste is the world’s only research organisation that links the three in a way that makes collaboration not only possible, but foundational.

Research & Projects

Four distinct themes group research done at the Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste at HBI:

  • Renewable Energy Systems Integration
  • Integrated Water Systems
  • New Technology & Systems
  • Policy, Planning, Economics, and Community

These support the Harry Butler Institute’s greater mission for translational research, innovation, and sustainability.

New Technology and Systems

This program highlights world-class innovations in energy, water, and waste technologies such as solar powered water desalinisation and integrated technologies that recover energy from waste.

Policy, Planning, Economics, & Community

Research within this program aims to support energy, water, and waste systems development through engaging on policy and planning issues, outlining economic opportunities and issues, and involving the community in fulfilling its needs in this sector.

Integrated Water Systems

Researchers at the Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste at the Harry Butler Institute focus their efforts on projects that catalyse and facilitate growth in industries integrating water systems with energy and waste.

Who We Are

Dr John Ruprecht, Centre Director

The Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste is proud to be lead by Dr John Ruprecht. As Centre Director, Dr Ruprecht brings decades of high-level leadership experience from both private industry and regulatory bodies.

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Prof Parisa Bahri

Professor Parisa Arabzadeh Bahri is an instructor, leader, and innovator at Murdoch University and the Harry Butler Institute's Centre for Water, Energy, and Waste. Her research focusses on industrial modelling and control, a variety of aspects of industrial process...

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