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Integrating AI & Biosecurity


Cutting edge efforts at the Harry Butler Institute are speeding and simplifying invasive species identification.


Collaboration between the Harry Butler Institute and the tech innovators at IBM has yielded a promising new method for the automatic identification of animals based on photographs. Andre DeSouza, featured in this video on the project, spearheaded the implementation of PowerAI software to help the biosecurity team at a class-one nature reserve detect and respond to non-native geckos.

Future implementations look to further harness HBI’s capabilities and machine vision technology to increase the efficiency of pest identification in plants, insects, and mammals. Those interested in knowing more can watch the video, visit IBM’s home for PowerAI, or reach out below.

Collaborative efforts by the Harry Butler Institute secure federal funding for high-tech building at Murdoch University

We have a new home! Our Director, Prof Simon McKirdy, was instrumental in the federal government's decision last week to dedicate 25 million dollars toward the construction of the new Harry Butler...

Detailed research brings about discovery of two new tube web spider species

Hidden beneath the gnarled bark of eucalypt trees in Southern Australia were two cryptic tube web spiders initially discovered by Jess Marsh, who conducted a study on the effects of fire on spider...

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